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SmartHub Mobile 2.33 Update

The latest SmartHub Mobile version 2.33 is now ready and will start hitting the App Stores over the next week.

Some of the changes you will see include:

SmartHub Web Update 6.0.9

NISC will update the SmartHub web to version 6.0.9 Tuesday night at 10pm. There is no downtime for members. Some changes that are being fixed / made include:

Cyber Security Awareness

Here's a hypothetical cyber attack on the financial sector. Cyber criminals target anything with value, whether that be banks, electric coops, hospitals, gov. agencies, and even schools. This 5 minute video is well worth your time:

SmartHub App Update 2.32

The latest SmartHub Mobile version 2.32 is now ready and will start hitting the App Stores over the next week. 

The Mobile versions of SmartHub 2.32 have been tested with all levels of iVUE and SmartHub Web and are not tied to any specific iVUE or SmartHub Web version.

NISC Payment Gateway Maintenance

NISC will perform an update of Payment Gateway release version 1.22 on Monday night, October 9th at 11:59 pm CT. They expect the maintenance window to be under 1 hour, during which associated payment channels (SmartHub, E-bill, Secure Payments IVR, Recurring, Virtual Terminal and kiosks) will not be available. During the maintenance window when members try to make a payment in SmartHub or legacy E-bill they will be redirected to a page indicating the website is down for maintenance.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We will be promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month for the month of October on our Facebook page.  Feel free to check out for tips and advice on how to be more secure on the web.  You can also follow 

SmartHub App Update 2.31

SmartHub 2.31 Mobile Apps for iOS devices will be available in the Apple iTunes store over the next few days.  The Android version will use a slower incremental roll out and will also be available for Android devices in the Google Play store over the next week. Please update your device with the latest update when its available.  Specific updates are listed below:

Bill & Pay

Bill Status Message - The due date no longer states an amount was due if the due date is in the future.



SMS Notice

NISC will be sending out a text message to all SMS Registered Contacts starting at 2pm on Aug. 10th to test their switch to a new SMS provider.  After sending out this text message all new SMS alerts from NISC/MJM will come from the dedicated short code 768482.  You can reply “STOP” to block all future text messages from NISC/MJM.   The message you are receiving will display this:  “You will now receive SmartHub Alerts on 768482 Text STOP to 768482 to opt-out.”

If you have any questions please contact our office at 217-707-6156.

SmartHub App Update 2.30

NISC has released the latest SmartHub app update to the Google Play and iOS App stores and it will be available to your devices within the next week.  Some of the updates include the notice of return check fee to comply with Federal regulations for customers paying electronically, removed "phone number" as a required field when adding a checking or savings account payment method, and a display for current peak KW on the usage table when viewing demand.   We encourage you to update your mobile devices with this update.


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