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What is a Cooperative?

Simply put, a cooperative is a not-for-profit business voluntarily owned and controlled by the people who use its services. Unlike investor-owned utilities, an electric cooperative is operated by and for people of the community. Its goal is to provide reliable power, not make a profit. 

Electric cooperatives were originally formed to bring electricity to rural households. Investor-owned utilities were not interested in serving these households because there was little profit in doing so. (Related page: Our History)


Who is a member?

Anyone who pays a $5 membership fee, pays a meter deposit and receives electrical service from MJM Electric is a member of the cooperative. Each member owns a little piece of the cooperative. Since MJM is a not-for-profit company, members don’t make money off its services but do have a say in how the cooperative operates.

All members are invited to attend the cooperative’s annual meeting. The state of the cooperative will be discussed at this meeting, and members can directly affect the operation of the cooperative by voting for directors on a one-member-one-vote basis.

Does MJM generate electricity?

No, MJM is a distribution cooperative. It constructs and maintains the power lines and substations necessary to deliver power to their rural members but does not generate that power. MJM purchases its power wholesale from Wabash Valley Power Association in Indianapolis, Ind. Wabash Valley is a generation and transmission cooperative and transmits electricity to 26 cooperatives like MJM across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri.

Our Mission Statement

M.J.M. Electric Cooperative shall be the electric provider of choice, dedicated to providing the services and products our members want and need.


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