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Outage History

Below is a list of the previous month's power outages, with information on the time, location (township or county), cause and duration of each outage.

Please note that OCR, Feeder and Substation outages only are included in this report. Fuses, transformers and individual outages are not included.

May 2018 Outage Summary


05/01/2018 - 1:37PM

Staunton – Trees, off 4hrs. 45min.

05/08/2018 – 8:54AM

Newbern – Machinery got into Overhead Secondary Conductor, off 2hrs. 13min.

05/09/2018 – 7:33AM

Rinaker – Lightning, blown fuse, off 2hrs.

05/09/2108 – 7:00PM

Rinaker – Storm, broken pole, off 2hrs. 45min.

05/09/2018 – 10:49PM

Womac – Storm, broken pole in high wind, off 30mins. (temporaried)

05/10/18 -  10:12AM

Womac – Finished repairing broken pole that was temporaried in storm, off 30mins.

05/13/18 – 9:00PM

Staunton – Equipment in line, off 2 ½ hrs.

05/18/2018 - 7:39AM

Jerseyville – Tree on line, off 2 ½ hrs.

05/21/2018 – 7:45AM

Newbern – Tree through 3-phse line – line across road, off 6rs.

05/23/2018 -  1:43PM

Brighton – Equipment in line, off 1hr 18min.

05/27/2018 – 3:11PM

Newbern – trees, off 2hrs.

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