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Net Metering (for Wind, Solar, etc.)

MJM Electric Cooperative offers net metering to members connecting a wind, solar, or other type of generator to our electrical grid.

You must contact MJM before installing any type of generator because it needs to meet certain specifications before being connected to our system. This is for safety as well as legal reasons. Even if you are connecting a traditional propane or gasoline powered generator, you should contact us if it is going to be connected to your home's electrical system, and by extension into our lines. FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY, PLEASE CONTACT MJM BEFORE CONNECTING THESE SERVICES.

Through the net metering program, you will be credited for any excess electricity you generate. This is accomplished by installing a meter that rolls back whenever the generator puts electricity onto the lines. For each kilowatt hour put onto the lines, the meter rolls back one kilowatt-hour. In effect, the Cooperative shall continue to carry over any excess kilowatt-hour credits earned and apply those credits to applicable billing periods to offset only electric energy-related charges derived specifically from the consumption of electric energy measured in units of kilowatt-hours due from the eligible member, as denoted in the billing, for those applicable billing periods until all credits are used or until the end of the quarterly calendar billing period, whichever occurs first.

This policy only covers generators capable of generating 10 kilowatt hours per hour or less. Larger systems fall under a different policy.

Prior to installation of a generator, you will also be required to fill out, sign, and return the required documentation available by contacting Nathan Hatalla at 217-707-6019 or email




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