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Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Please note: Installation is for MJM members only! 
MJM does not sell Generlink.Generlink photo

Generlink is an automatic transfer switch that prevents backfeeding and is installed behind the meter face located on your utility pole. In case of an outage, you plug your portable generator into the outlet located on the underside of the switch. Once it's plugged in, the home's power source is switched from the electric lines to the generator. You control which part of the home has power by turning on the corresponding breakers at your main panel.

When power is restored, a light on the side of the switch comes on, but the home remains hooked up to the generator until the plug is removed from the outlet. Once the generator is unplugged, the Generlink automatically switches power back to the utility lines.

MJM Electric Cooperative does not sell GenerLink. To order, call Atlanta-based Global Power Products at 1-800-886-3837 or email For more information, visit

In an interest to promote safety, MJM offers free installation of the device. Once you have ordered and received your Generlink, call MJM's office at 217-707-6156 or email to schedule an installation. GenerLink can not be used on services larger than 200 amps or on meters that have multipliers.

Portable generators that are hooked into a home's wiring need to use a transfer switch in order to avoid the possibility of backfeeding electricity onto cooperative power lines. Backfeeding can cause damage to equipment as well as cause injury or death to linemen working on those lines.

The only other safe way to operate a portable generator is to hook it directly into the appliance you wish to run such as a refrigerator. If you are hooking the generator into the home's wiring, you must have a transfer switch. Turning off the main breaker is not enough. If the breaker were to fail, the generator could easily backfeed. The National Electric Code requires the use of a transfer switch.

GenerLink is a safe and easy way to meet National Electric Code requirements, but you can also hire a licensed electrician to install a transfer switch inside of your home. Our primary concern is safety. No matter which option you choose, make sure you have a transfer switch installed if you plan on using a portable generator.

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